About Us

Our Story

The DIVINITY name was chosen because according to ancient legend the olive tree was a gift from a divinity, goddess Athena daughter of Zeus.

DIVINITY is a family owned affair. Established in 2002, Michael and Leanne Chinnery manage the estate together with their three young olive oil connoisseur daughters Isabella, Sophia and Liliana.

Planting the Tuscan Trinity varietals (Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino) in Mangawhai has been a classic marriage of old world traditions and new world innovation, pioneering spirit and commitment to quality. All coming together to deliver a pure experience called DIVINITY. This premium extra virgin olive oil is joining New Zealand’s long list of boutique wine and foods are already globally recognised for its excellence, taste and originality.

After preparing the soils for a year, we planted over 1,100 Tuscan varietal trees in 2003. In 2008 we hand picked our first harvest. We harvested over 4 tonne of olives with the endless and enduring support of family and friends providing volunteer labour once again.

In 2011 progress turned our traditional manual harvesting into a mechanized one, however we will always value the good old fashioned harvest with family and friends making each years picking a memorable event for all.