ONZ Certification


Divinity Olives holds ONZ Certification.

DIVINITY carries the Olives NZ certification Red Seal. This intensive accreditation process tests both the chemical and sensory integrity of the extra virgin olive oils produced, based on the International Olive Council (IOC).

To qualify for ONZ Certification New Zealand Olive Oil must meet specific requirements. These include bottling and labelling standards as well as the chemical and sensory criteria that Olives New Zealand has based on the International Olive Council (IOC) standards for extra virgin olive oil. These are:

Chemical Analysis: The free fatty acid level measured as oleic acid must be less than 0.5% and the Peroxide Value less than 15mEq per kg. The standards for extra virgin olive oil set by the IOC are less than 0.8% FFA and Peroxide Value of less than 20.

Sensory Analysis: This is undertaken by the ONZ Sensory Panel at the Plant & Food Research Sensory Science Facility in Auckland. The oils are evaluated for the absence of defects and the presence of the required desirable attribute, namely fruitiness.